Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tech./gt learner

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This is good for all students. We must teach students productive ways to work in groups.

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Keeps learning running

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To engage reluctant learners.

Gt and technology

Cooperative learning and groyp work, gives them freedom and choice, makes learning more fun and interesting, student engagement


Math rocks
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I've had students in my 3rd Grade class blog through my school page and they couldn't wait to get to the computer.

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Make learning relevant

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Learning technology!

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GT question

GT training

This is valuable info that I hope I can use in my classroom.

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It will allow scholars to collaborate while they think critically.

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Gifted students need constant engagement and ways to engage higher
level thinking skills. Using these technologies enable those pockets
of thinking and creating to evolve and be successful, as well as
giving students new and exciting opportunities to process information
and increase meaning of learning concepts.

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Great ideas

A lot of great ideas! I teach Kindergarten and wondering about application?

GT post and blog

Have a question off topic:  HOW did you get your administration on board with having phones in the classroom?  We need specific info for our coordinators as to how we can accomplish this in our district.

I just made a video at Animoto!


James Viator
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