Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anticipated Rebuttals

This could be used as a collaborative homework assignment where students and someone at home could post answers to a project prompt of some kind. This could be assigned as a special 6 weeks project for extra credit perhaps...

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Training at TCEA

I think this concept could grab those students who fall through the cracks.
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Ever picked up a note from a student?

Alan November, author of Web Literacy for Educators, makes the point that banning mobile devices because someone might use them for evil ;) is like banning pen and paper because someone wrote a nasty note.  Mobile devices ARE today's pen and paper.

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Love the idea - your examples are from high school. What are some ways middle school teachers are using?
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What about the teachers or administrators that oppose the use of phones ?
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Students don't have any problem with this, just "educators"

Great ideas

I think your ideas are great and I hope to get our teachers to try it.

I was worry about the ones who don't have phones but you gave ideas
for that too.

Thanks, Annette
District Trainer
Cleburne ISD


We are allowing cell phones and other student devices in Burleson. Thanks for the presentation.

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I love it but I am worried about bandwidth

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Attention Please!

I will not be able to keep their attention!

Great presentation and ideas

issue: "Using cell phones in the classroom isn't real teaching."

Response: using cell phones and other tools of the day makes teaching and learning more relevant.

Great presentation today.

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But what about...

Students can use their phones to cheat.

Cheating happens. So, why not develop collaborative activities so kids can work together anyway?

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Last night at a district meeting I was told, "We don't want to jump into changing our policies and doing things in the cloud because we just don't know how long these things will be around. Everything changes so fast." I responded that that's the point - everything does change fast and we have to get on board making the changes just as quickly or OUR KIDS are falling behind.

Anticipated Rebuttals

You won't be able to keep the kids safe online at school.
They use a phone 24/7. Who tracks them the rest of the day....

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Nice info

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If we allow students to have access to their personal devices in the classroom, they will use them for everything BUT learning.

I would respond that it's about trust and respect, and that students will pursue learning if we allow them to do it with their tools.

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district documentation of all communication

Rebuttal: We have to have a copy of all student/teacher communication - district claims this is a legal requirement

Me: We don't make a copy of every note we write to a student or tape every word that we say.


Let's use what we have available to us and get the students involved! Besides this is the direction we are headed! Don't miss the train!
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Cell Phones in Class

Kids have them, use them despite our restrictions, and love them so why not channel that passion into a constructive, educational setting?
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An administrator may say, "What if kids misuse the privilege?" I think I would respond, "It makes no sense to limit everyone for what a handful of students MAY do."

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Response --they are always off task.

Rebuttal -- by engaging them in content with their own tools then they can't use phone to be off task

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Anticipated Response: not everyone has a device

Response: Share the wealth

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This is great
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Phones in the classroom

Do you have some teachers using mobile devices in the elementary schools? I was thinking starting at 4 th grade and up.

Carole Upchurch
Technology Coordinator
Maypearl ISD
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Just checking.

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Good stuff

Good ideas presented

Craig Gray
Region 10 Education Service Center

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Predict: you can't control the devices.
Answer: I have a choice ignore the fact my students have a phone or bring the phones front and center in my classroom. When you find a solution to a problem, you start having control Orr it.

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Teachers will be concerned about students using their cell phones to communicate with each other about stuff other than the assigned topic.
Debbie VanZandt
TMHS Librarian

Cell phone & learning

This can revolutionize student engagement!

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Most of our students don't have cell phones

We will do a survey. Share ideas about groupwork.

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Marsha Worthington
Asst. Superintendent

Way cool!

Subject: blog headline
Body: text only, text image or video...animoto projects, etc!!!

Sooo cool!!!!

Count it all joy,
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Cell phones in class

Sounds fun.  Really like the polling options.

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Awesome job! Thx.

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Oh no, my child went way over their minimum texts!

Check with parents first to determine who would have this issue.


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I am so on board! Weakens so much time and effort fighting this when we need to be riding the wave!

Joseph Mehring

Great presentation. Thanks

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Great session! Woo whooo!

Great session! Woo whooo!


Blogging is GREAT
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Great idea

This could work great!


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